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What is thebiologybro.com?

The idea behind the creation of TheBiologyBro is to provide free articles, information related to career opportunities, academia, previous year solved question papers and mock test for various entrance exams across India.

Life science job opportunities just a click away now.

I had observed that a lot of my friends were unaware of the current openings in the field of Life sciences, Microbiology and Biotechnology. Moreover, the most disillusioned phase of a student life starts when one is about to finish his/her studies and unaware of the job opportunities in their field. I too was confused and faced similar hardships to find that one job.  Therefore, at this platform, we make sure to make your job hunt a lot easier, stress-free and successful.

Are you a recruiter? Post a Job opportunity to hire excellent talent in the field of life science.

The Jobs module supports researchers in life sciences and their careers. It features a job board where employers can publish job offers in life sciences and related disciplines and connect with potential candidates for free.

We know how important are previous papers for the point of entrance exams, so we at TheBiologyBro have started to create online mock tests, quizzes to help you better prepare for them. We also try to keep up with the latest news updates and articles from the area of life sciences.

Future Plans?

Our vision is to ensure each one has free access to education, study material and other essentials to establish a strong base. To create a database for sustaining the basic abovementioned demands of life science students. This platform is more than a business for us, it’s a home where we share our part of knowledge because power is gained through sharing, not hoarding it.

Thanks for reading this page and good luck on your journey!

Making lives of biology students easier.

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