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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I post a biotech/life science job without paying?

    Register easily at TheBiologyBro to advertise the latest job opening or a PhD, Postdoc position in biotechnology/life science field without paying.

  2. How do I write a job post?

    It takes less than 5 minutes to have your advertisement online with our free job posting site. Just fill in the details in the form after registering and submit or just contact us to know more.

  3. When will my advertisement go live?

    Advertisement typically goes live within within few hours after hitting the submit button.

  4. How long will my job post last?

    Job post remain active for a maximum period of one month or until the recruiter marks the position filled from their dashboard.

  5. Can I edit my advertisement after it goes live?

    Certainly – Simply make the edit and wait for approval from our team. Please keep in mind that while changes are permitted, the advertised project must remain unchanged.

  6. Can I format my advertisement in a specific way?

    Our online management system follows a predefined format and therefore will not allow any formatting of post in a specific way.

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